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If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to making healthy food choices – Quality Food Product is here for you – We have rich spice blends that are ground and blended to ensure the highest quality and superior freshness. Choose from over a many gourmet spice blends and seasonings that signature our creations.

From its humble beginnings back in 1984 as a small industry at PanavallyVillage, Quality Food Products has strived obstinately to build its reputation within the industry, to grow into a vast establishment with maximised team effort and diversified experience, as a result of which it is now recognized as one of the premier food produce companies with imported German Machineries and computed productivity. Furthermore, Quality achieved its growth not through any media publicity or commercial marketing but through sustainability in product quality and through word of mouth.

Quality Food product Industries are constantly researching and developing new product ranges and refining the existing ones, developing existing sectors, and maximizing every opportunity in the ethnic markets in India. Within the state of Kerala, we monitor more than 23000 Retail / Wholesale outlets, selling our products.

Quality Food Products

Ensuring hygienity

With much knowledge in the field and vast experience, we at Quality Food Products provide the best ambiance for the processing of our materials. Quality of produces is of prime importance to us and so our mill is spread across 4 acres of landscape with the factory measuring more than 2,00,000 Sq.Ft at Panavally Village, Alappuzha District in Kerala, amidst hygienic and eco-friendly environment, completely free of pollution. We facilitate dust free premises for processing rooms and go-downs. Further, all vehicles permitted inside the premises is cleaned and water serviced to ensure proper sanitation.

Expertise in

food processing

Quality Food Products develops and delivers high-performance powders processed with latest technology machinery. Our factory is equipped with computerized and fully automatic German collaborated machinery with a capacity to process 80 metric ton per day. Our factory is equipped with a sophisticated quality control laboratory approved by the Spices Board. The best part in the treating as mentioned is the IFP technology that offers customized support, turnkey manufacturing and expertise in every stage of the powder product development process. Customized processing services include leading-edge agglomeration and micro-encapsulation technologies and versatile packaging solutions.

Our methodologies gives the produces a more natural flavour and aroma compared to products manufactured by conventional methods. We have always integrated production line with pneumatic conveying system to produce quality spice powders untouched by hand, which helps to eliminate microbial contamination in the products during processing.

Raw materials

Our raw materials are the best selected from the selected fields across India, ensuring its purity and quality. Our analyst team ensures the quality of the raw materials from its seed to the harvesting. The harvested crops are preserved in the respective fields with proper hygienic and organic method and are used as per requirement. Since the raw materials are preserved, the price variation in the market for the raw materials does not affect our production cost. Therefore we are able to deliver the best quality products to our customers at an affordable and effective price.

The raw materials are tested for various parameters before processing and when found satisfactory are processed. Magnetic separators are installed at various points in the line to separate Iron particles if present. Before processing the raw materials are cleaned in machines like Destined and Sifter to remove stones, husks, lighter particles, dust and other foreign matters. The moisture content in spices is maintained at specified level using electrical Tray Drier. The Pin Mill with pneumatic conveying system helps to retain more volatile oil in spice powders because of less heat generated during the process. The finished products are tested for confirmation to quality standards before packing. With globally reputed chefs at its helm, the key to the success of Spice products has indeed been its undeterred commitment to quality and its distinct flavor that has won appreciation from various quarters.

Research &


Extensive research & development programmes, constant market analysis, rigorous R& D endeavours, a well-structured supply and distribution network sets us apart from the competition.

To add, we have in store value-added enhancements such as air-tight product packaging and uniform quality maintenance. Quality Food Products knows that quality seasoning can make all the flavour difference in a great meal. That’s why we continue to offer innovative services and products that are in line with our focus and goals of continuing what we do best, built a strong reputation and associations that are the hallmark of our business.


Bring to the world high-quality food products and food supplements that anticipate and satisfy people's desire and needs. Also making a difference in the community by being a responsible citizen


Meet the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality with fine-tuned eco - friendly activities and Ensuring prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service throughout and be transparent about all business practices.